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How We Work with Our Clients


Hi there, We are
KOKANKART Developer,
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We've been a freelancer for 6 years and have a large client base for which We make amazing Websites, Apps and CRM solutions.

We are passionate about creating and designing delightful experiences through a mix of business, marketing, and UX / UI design to keep customers and users happy with
their products and services online.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many days does it take to develop a project?

Typically the requirements and design phase takes 2-4 weeks. The duration depends a lot on the availability of you and your team, the reaction to reviews and design questions, and how long it takes to make important decisions.
Also, We have readymade websites & Apps like Food/Grocery Delivery, Parcel Delivery, Home(Handy) Services, Online Medical Delivery and Multiple Vendor Marketplace etc
Please check our Portfolio

What is the budget for the project?

Depends acording to project to projects. you can check some estimate of our readymade projects - Click Here Portfolio or contact us.

Can design edits be made during design time?

Mostly available for customised on-demand projects.
We have some popular readymade projects comes with white labled work done.

What is Whitelabeling?

Whitelabeling or rebranding refers to the process where a service or a product removes their branding and logo from their end product and replaces it with the branding and logo requested by the customer.

Website Banao.online : Websites & Apps understands that in order to build credibility, marketplaces must promote services with their label on it. That’s why we suggest whitelabeling our apps as per your branding before you promote them to your vendors/their delivery teams. In doing so, our apps will look aesthetically similar to your marketplace’s branding in terms of logo, colour scheme, etc. This will let your vendors/delivery teams identify with your marketplace and would directly feel that they’re using a third party app.

But how will that happen? Relax, you don’t need to do much except for providing a few things. And we’ll deliver you an app that has all the features of our original app with your (Brand) label.