Using Multi Restaurant, you can reinvent the way of food ordering and delivery system with its superb admin panel. With Multi Restaurant’s readymade and highly responsive mobile apps, you’ll get a seamless user experience for sure.

Now the question is, why do you need to go with Multi Restaurant instead of other food delivery systems available in the market? Well, there is much to talk about it. We just need a few minutes of your valuable time to give this a read. 

After that, we hope you’ll purchase Multi Restaurant AUTO-MAGICALLY to elevate your online food ordering and delivery business, as it’s a complete package within your reach!

15+ Reasons to Buy Multi Restaurant:

  • Multi Restaurant is a complete package for your online FOOD ordering and delivery business.
  • SUPERB Web panels: Admin Panel & Restaurant panel.
  • 3 mobile applications: User app, Restaurant app , and Deliveryman app .
  • User Website
  • Landing page
  • All the apps are available on PlayStore (Android).
  • Phenomenal features to enhance the online food ordering and delivery system.
  • 100% responsive design to provide a great user experience.
  • The admin dashboard holds everything together.
  • Managing customers at ease.
  • Active customer support to help.
  • Value for money system.
  • Flexible prices, no surprises!

All being mentioned, in order to control your business effectively and get the desired revenue, there will be no better option than Multi Restaurant.

Remarkable Features of Multi Restaurant:

As per the previous statement, Multi Restaurant is jam-packed with outstanding features which can help you to make your online ordering and delivery easier, and smarter than ever before.

Accurate Zone-based Business: From the admin panel, numerous zones or areas can be set up to operate the business. Setting the business coverage area is as easy as summing 2+2 using the map drawing tool of Multi Restaurant. Food can only be ordered according to respective business area customers.

Set Your Business Up: Using Business Settings in the admin panel, you can easily set up your business. There’s more in this section! From this section, you can integrate- social media, and payment methods, and configure- mail, SMS module, and notifications settings. Lastly, you can set your Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and About Us page up!

Admin Commission Feature: The admin can set a default commission for all restaurants from the admin panel however, if the admin wants can set individual commission for a specific restaurant. Not only on restaurants but also on the delivery charges.

Multi Restaurant Support: How many restaurants do you want to add to your business? Make the number countless! Multi Restaurant supports a multi-restaurant business model. As a result, you can add the number of restaurants you want. There is no limit whatsoever.

Multilingual Support: No matter in which country you’re in and want to operate your business, Multi Restaurant has your back here. The apps support RTL and any language.

SMS OTP Integrated: To keep your food ordering and delivery business safe and secure, the SMS OTP system has been integrated with Multi Restaurant. By having these bunch of integrated SMS gateways, you can easily verify your users more smartly.

Orders & Dispatch Management: Handling orders is as easy as pie with Multi Restaurant. You’ll get a complete overview of your order status from the Orders section of the Admin panel. On the other hand, the dispatch management section will help you to monitor your all ongoing orders.

Food Management: As an admin, you can control the whole Food section by managing categories and subcategories, attributes, add-ons, and more. Plus, you can add products to any restaurant. The Restaurant panel also will get a food management feature.

Order Scheduling: You can schedule orders within a set timeframe (each slot for 30 minutes) using Multi Restaurant. While you’re having your breakfast, you can order your lunch and dinner with Multi Restaurant.

Deliveryman Management: You can add deliverymen as many as you want and manage them effectively in the admin panel. Hiring a deliveryman is possible in two ways: freelance or salary-based. For deliveryman, you’ll get an app by which you can operate your delivery system quite simply. Last but not least, using the Multi Restaurant admin panel, can directly assign (manually) an available delivery man in order.

Business Promotion: With Multi Restaurant, you can easily promote your business. The Promotions section in the admin panel will allow you to do it. Using campaigns, banners, coupons, and push notifications you can take your marketing to a whole new level.

Customer Management: This admin panel section comprises many things related to customers. From viewing customer lists, wallets, loyalty points, and subscribed emails to customer live chat; all are under one roof! Manage your customers effectively and GROW!

Direct Chat with Admin: Customers can directly chat with Admin for any issues or queries. Most of the online ordering and delivery systems don’t have this feature but Multi Restaurant provides this for better customer engagement.

Employee Management: The more your business grows, the more people you need to handle all things! That’s why Multi Restaurant comes with an Employee management section for you! You can add employees, and assign them particular roles to manage your business smoothly.

Analyze Report and Statistics: Multi Restaurant's Report management section of the admin panel helps you to get the day-wise and food-wise reports. As a result, taking the required steps on anything that is not doing good, will be easier for you.

100% Responsive & Feature-packed App (Android & iOS): You will get Multi Restaurant mobile app source code with this bundle. We developed this by Flutter so the app can be usable on both Android and iOS.

Built-in POS System: To execute online payments, POS service is now a must. And each restaurant is likely to pay extra for this. But with Multi Restaurant, you’ll be getting this service FREE of cost as it’s included in the bundle. Having this service in your system, restaurant owners can manage walk-in customer’s orders easily.

Integrated All the Popular Payment Gateways: All the payment gateways have been integrated with the system to manage the payment procedure from anywhere in the world.

Outstanding System Settings: There are two different themes have been added for you. You can handle the app and landing page settings from the admin panel. A built-in gallery is also available and ReCaptcha is for security purposes.

Hassle-free Transaction Management: You can easily collect cash from restaurants and deliver it from the admin panel’s transaction management system. Not only just this, restaurant withdraws, and deliveryman payments are also manageable through the admin panel.

Dark Mode
Nowadays, Dark mode is everywhere and has become a mandatory feature in the modern world. Likewise, users of Multi Restaurant can use both dark & light modes based on their preferences, as the entire system supports both visual modes.

Password Recovery System
Forgetting passwords is very common for everyone. That’s why recovering the forgotten password is a must! Multi Restaurant users can easily recover their login password using the proper recovery system.

Restaurant and Deliveryman Self-Registration
Seeing the benefits and facilities of Multi Restaurant, anyone wishes to be a part of your platform. That’s why we have the self-registration feature so that anyone can quickly register as a Restaurant or Deliveryman from the admin landing page, web & customer app.

User Account Delete
Change of mind is one of the most common natures of human beings. Keeping that in our concern, we have the “user account delete” feature. If any users want, they can completely delete their account from Multi Restaurant anytime.

Customer Cart

If anyone has multiple foods in mind to buy, they can keep adding their desired food to the Cart and keep browsing more options. Finally, he can see a clear overview of his all orders and quickly complete the checkout process from the cart.

Wishlist is another feature that helps customers a lot. They can save their favorite food for future purchases in the wishlist section and quickly buy them anytime from the list.

Ratings & Reviews
Customers can give ratings and reviews to both restaurants and deliverymen. It creates a transparent shopping experience for all customers.

User Apps & Web App
In the smartphone era, everything you can imagine has an app for it. Multi Restaurant also has Flutter-based apps for its users. This includes the Restaurant app, Deliveryman App, and Customer App.

Ordering Process with Multi Restaurant In A Nutshell: As Simple As It Could Be

Ordering and delivering with Multi Restaurant is simpler than ever. Below is the step-by-step process of ordering and delivery in a nutshell. If anything seems confusing to you, feel free to contact our support team. They’re always ready to help!

  1. The first step is for the customer to place an order with the restaurant. Remember, customers cannot order from multiple restaurants at once.
  2. The deliveryman will be notified about the order in the Order Request section of the Deliveryman app and will accept it so that the order can be delivered.
  3. The restaurant owner gets the order in the dashboard when the delivery boy confirms the order (if delivery confirmation is delivery man) starts processing the order and hands it over to the delivery boy when the order is ready to deliver.
  4. Digitally paid orders will go directly to the confirmed status and will appear on the restaurant’s dashboard without the delivery boy’s confirmation.
  5. It is not necessary to get the delivery men’s confirmation if the store’s confirmation model is enabled, but after the restaurant’s confirmation, the delivery men will receive the order for acceptance.
  6. Upon accepting the order (if COD), the Delivery Guy confirms it, picks it up, and delivers it to the customer.
  7. For orders picked up at the restaurant, all steps will be managed by the restaurant.
  8. When a scheduled order is placed, all operations will begin 15 minutes before the expected delivery time.